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Storage options...

Our containers are located inside a building, helping avoid issues with condensation and damp. This makes them perfect for household items, office furniture, electrical items, classic cars and other similarly sensitive items. 

Premises allows access for large vans and small lorries to drive up to any container.


Our premises are in a secure, remote location, surrounded by 24hr CCTV for your peace of mind.

Whilst our minimum hire term is always 3 months, we pride ourselves on being flexible, so if you are unsure how much longer you will need storage for, that is not a problem, after 3 months you will go on a rolling monthly contract requiring just 2 weeks notice.

We have a range of storage options available, so please do not hesitate to contact us for the best option for you.



All storage options are subject to availability, so we may not always be able to offer every choice shown on these pages. 

10ft Containers
10ft container edited

10ft containers are ideal for storing bespoke items that may just be cluttering up your living space. They are large enough to store most of the contents from an average one bedroom house, or motor bikes & quad bikes.

DIMENSIONS: 8ft x 8ft x 10ft = 80 sqft

PRICES from: 

-£90 pcm 

20ft Containers
20ft container edit

20ft containers are by far the most popular storage option, large enough to store most of the contents of an average 3 bedroom house in, and more than big enough for a large car. 

DIMENSIONS: 8ft x 8ft x 20ft = 160 sqft

PRICES from:

-£130 pcm 

40ft Containers

40ft containers are the largest available. Plenty big enough to fit most of the contents from an average 5 bedroom house or big enough to fit two cars in with room to spare.


Due to their size, these are only available outside.

DIMENSIONS: 8ft x 8ft x 20ft = 320 sqft

PRICES from:

-£200 pcm

40ft container edit
Commercial Storage Units

All of our commercial units are for storage use only. As with our containers, they have restricted access times and strict regulations to the way they are used, so please only contact us if you are requiring a larger or more flexible storage area than a container will allow. For prices and more information please call us and we will be more than happy to discuss the available options.

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